Staff Resources

Staff Resources

Code of Ethics for Educators
The Alabama Educator Code of Ethics defines the professional behavior of educators in Alabama and serves as a guide to ethical conduct. The code protects the health, safety and general welfare of students and educators; outlines objective standards of conduct for professional educators; and clearly defines actions of an unethical nature for which disciplinary sanctions are justified.
New Teacher Mentoring
The foundation of a quality education for all students is providing quality teaching for all students and, moreover, providing that quality demands the recruitment and retention of competent, qualified teachers.
Professional Development Standards
State standards embedded in the NCLB's definition of professional development in Title IX, Section 9101 (34).  They should be used as a guide in developing your LEA Professional Development Plan and implementing activities under that plan.

Quality Teacher Standards
To improve student learning and student achievement.
Technology Integration
Many resources geared toward effectively integrating technology into the curriculum in order to increase student engagement leading to improving student learning and student achievement.

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